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Statement from Patients Safety Ireland on World Patient Safety Day 2021

Patients for Patient Safety Ireland is pleased to observe and celebrate this year's World Patient Safety Day with the theme of “Safe Maternal and Newborn Care".

That is what we should all expect, that our newest citizens and the mums who have carried them have access to safe care.

Patients for Patient Safety Ireland is based on a World Health Organisation initiative that aims to improve patient safety in healthcare, working in collaboration with the health services.

We believe that every individual patient experience, from birth to end of life, should have safe care as a core principle.

Our members have a unique relationship with patient safety issues as a result of our own experience. Like you, we are all patients from different walks of life . We advocate and engage in activities that engage patients to influence all aspects of patient care.

We actively contribute to better healthcare. We work in close partnership and collaboration with the HSE and other healthcare agencies in Ireland. Our voices are expressed and heard and we have had great impact.

Some of our activities are listed on our web site. Currently we are also working on deeper patient engagement in all aspects of patient care at a strategy and policy level. The more voices we have the more we can achieve.

As a patient, you too will have experience and ideas on how we can improve patient safety. So if you are a patient, a family member, or a carer with something to contribute to improve patient safety please join us.

You can find more information about us on our website, www.patientsforpatientsafety.ie or email info@patientsforpatientsafety.ie.

Thank you.

Patients for Patient Safety (PFPS) is a World Health Organisation initiative aimed at improving patient safety in health care.

The purpose of setting up a network of PFPS is to promote understanding and dialogue around patient safety. and the role patients can play in developing new tools useful in patient safety.

What we do

Foster and build collaboration and links between patients and staff on the range of patient safety efforts, so that lessons can be shared and partnerships created.

Our mission

Our mission is to bring together patients, providers, policy-makers and those effected by harm, who are dedicated to improving health-care safety through collaboration and partnership. To encourage Health Care Providers to acknowledge patients and their families as an untapped resource for information and recognise the patient experience as a learning tool.

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