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Why Join Patients for Patient Safety Ireland?

Your activities will directly contribute to improving patient safety in Ireland. 

As a member of the World Health Organisation’s Patients For Patient Safety Ireland network, you will work with the

healthcare sector to grow a strong, patient-centred service for all in Ireland.

Have you:

– Or someone close to you ever experienced an adverse event (a harmful or unintended outcome) while receiving care in the health service?

– Experienced mostly good care, but have seen things in healthcare you know could be improved?

Did you know:

– Voices like yours are included in every aspect of service design and delivery and that patient and public engagement is the only way our health service can grow to meet our needs as patients?

– Healthcare is everybody’s business.

Would you:

– Consider getting involved?

– Provide healthcare in Ireland the benefit of your ideas and experience?

– Like to be part of a World Health Organisation network of patients that uniquely contribute to patient safety in Ireland?

If you have answered Yes to some of the questions above...

...complete our short Expression of Interest form or send an email to and a PFPSI member will contact you within a week to provide more information and answer your queries.

As a patient and/or carer, your unique and valuable perspective complements those of care providers, health leaders, policy makers, and managers of healthcare organisations.


By working in partnership as part of PFPSI you can help ensure that patient safety decisions and initiatives are truly patient-centred and result in safe care.



Our vision at PFPSI is EVERY patient safe.


To advance it, you can work collaboratively with others to contribute to the healthcare system at all levels by:

Sharing your experiences, observations, and perspectives
Representing the patient and family perspective in committees and working groups
Identifying, initiating, sharing, and leading patient safety projects

You will be a member of a unique group in Ireland that is certified by the World Health Organisation’s Patients for Patient Safety Programme.

You will engage and empower patients and families and facilitate partnerships and collaboration with health professionals and policy-makers to make health care services safer in Ireland, by ensuring that the patient and family voice is heard fully.

My PFPSI Experience – Bernadette O’Reilly
Patients for Patient Safety Ireland follows the WHO’s Global Patient Safety Action Plan 2021-2030